Exhaust System and Performance Exhaust Parts. The exhaust system is a crucial part of your vehicle, helping to improve your car’s overall performance, increase fuel efficiency, keep exhaust fumes away from you and your passengers, and control the amount of noise coming from your car.
Because I've seen videos of a muffler delete with my car, and I shockingly like the sound of it, but if it'd make my car obnoxiously loud, or ruin it in any way, I'd rather not (I know I don't have a performance car, but I want to at least enjoy the sound of my car).

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ARK Performance Storefront. We are proud to announce the launch of a brand new ARK Performance Suspension product line: Sway Bars.
2015+ WRX/STi (VA) Axleback Muffler Delete by Remark Can't decide on an exhaust system yet? The Remark muffler delete offers a quick, clean and cost effective solution to REV up your 2015+ WRX/STi today. Features Direct bolt-on easy installation to the OEM or Remark mid Y-pipe 2.5inch, 16 gauge T304 stainless steel, ma

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Remark Axleback Muffler Delete 4" Tips Single Wall Stainless Steel - 15-20 WRX/STI. $286.70 $305.00. Remark Axleback Muffler Delete 4" Tips Single Wall Stainless ...
What are the consequences of a Muffler delete besides noise? With other car forums i was reading tons of reports of loss of low end power/Torque. The loss of torque the N/A guys talk about is from a loss in backpressure when you remove the muffler.

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Exhaust: 3" quad tip double wall Nameless muffler delete + 15WRX mid pipe Aftermarket Jpipe: N Loudness Rating: 7 Fitment: Yes, trim lower bumper to accommodate dual tips on each side Comments: This is my 3rd exhaust and the Nameless deletes are by far the loudest follow by the 13 STi CBE and q300 being the quietest.

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Remarks Muffler Delete Stealth Edition 🤤 ... Been looking all over for a blacked out exhaust, originally was gonna go with AWE Track. But after I saw these I fell ...

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